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How is my data being backed up?

Professional Backup Service

The purpose of the backup gives us the ability to recover your data in the event of a computer or network failure We perform a daily back up of all your data onto tapes and store them at a secure off-site location for a period of 30 days. This backup will take place at 9pm or 12am PST depending on your geographic location. Each daily backup saves the contents of your files at the time the backup was performed, that data is a “snapshot” of the data present on the system at the time the backup ran. This means that this backup does not record all activities or contents of your files throughout the day

During the scheduled backup times, please do not use any of your data files. Any file that is in use during those times cannot be accessed by the backup program and will not be backed up. The backup process will complete approximately 2 hours after it begins and you can continue to use your files after the backup has been completed.

In addition to the tape backup, all your data will be backed up 2 more times onto the hard drive of 2 different servers to ensure your data’s integrity. These additional backups will each store your data for the past 7 days.

Premier Backup Service

In addition to all the features of the Professional Backup Service, we will compare the files you have on your P: with the files that have been backed up. After this comparison is done, if we find that a file(s) has not been backed up, we will notify you by email with a list of those files.

No Backup Service

If you are not subscribed to the backup service, we do not guarantee that any of your data will be backed up.

How do I know when my data is backed up?

At our homepage there is a feature which allows you to check if your files have been backed up successfully. You will be able to see what date and time the last backup successfully completed. You are urged to back up any critical information for archival purposes or long-term storage off-line.

Backup Times:

Accounts in the EST region begins: 9pm PST
All other regions begin: 12am PST

File Restore:

Files that need to be recovered will be restored within 24 hours of your request. Files will be restored to the state they were in at the time the most recent backup was performed, a request for an earlier backup is also available.


For questions or more detailed information about the backup of your file or backup pricing, please send us an email for give us a call.

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