Personable.com Exchange Email Service gives you all the features of Outlook & Exchange 2000 and more. Here are just some of the major examples.

Enhanced Email System

  • Message screening: You can now determine if your emails consist of information that violates your email policy or even block off viruses, spams or other offensive materials. 
  • Message recall: You have instant access to edit or replace the email after sending it and before the recipient reads it. 
  • Voting: You will now be able to request and tabulate responses to surveys or multiple-choice questions all in one message.

All the above features can be set up by referring to “Help” menu of Outlook.

Personal and Group Calendars

  • Easily schedule meetings, personal events and manage employee calendars and business contacts. 
  • See your personal schedule as well as other team members’ calendars and schedules. 
  • Schedule a meeting and let your computer automatically select a meeting time and place when you send out meeting notices. Beyond that, all scheduling will automatically take place between your calendars and the attendees.

Contact Management

  • Create and manage individual and group contact lists that can be private or shared by a group. 
  • Contact Management will automatically save your group members’ contact list into your Outlook. 
  • You can have others work and create items in your Outlook folder and have them send messages on your behalf.

Public Folders

  • Secure storage for business documents and data that can be viewed by any or all specified members of an office group.
  • You can have your folders set up in which any one can view the folders or you can specify who may have access. 

Task Tracking

  • Assign and manage tasks and monitor progress.
  • Get status reports on all the tasks being performed.

MSN Messenger

  • Engage in real-time chat with other members of your group to coordinate schedules. Meetings and projects.


  • Create notes and reminders that can be transferred to other documents.
  • Post messages without having to send out notices to everyone via email or phone.

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