Doug Sleeter

Awesome QuickBooks Add-Ons For 2007

Column: The QuickBooks Advisor

By Doug Sleeter

From the Nov. 2006 Issue

Each year, I survey tens if not hundreds of products from independent developers who add value to the QuickBooks community by solving hard problems faced by QuickBooks users and consultants. Before awarding the "awesome" label, I dig deep into each product and ask all the hard questions I think consultants and business owners will eventually ask. I usually find that the developers of these products know much more about their target customer set than I do, so I try to first satisfy myself that they understand enough about how QuickBooks works, and then I move to their solution and see if they've developed an easy-to-use, quality product that I would recommend to my clients.

I survey products in several vertical markets where QuickBooks may not have all the needed features, or where clients want customized solutions. Most of the winners are software products, but several are hardware and software combinations. The result is my list of "Awesome Add-ons" for 2007. I hope you'll look at each of these solutions as you help your clients improve their financial management systems.

SourceLink - Electronic Documents Attached to QuickBooks Forms
Personable, Inc.
Pricing: $189 single-user, $589 for five users, $989 for 10 users

SourceLink is best suited for the smaller business whose needs are focused on storing electronic documents linked to QuickBooks transactions, and for those who don't have other need for data retrieval, data entry, or storage and retrieval of documents outside of the QuickBooks system. SourceLink is a cost-effective electronic document management solution, integrated with QuickBooks. It allows users to link electronic files to their QuickBooks records from within the QuickBooks application itself. SourceLink lets users instantly store and retrieve financial records - bills, invoices, customer agreements, etc. - directly from QuickBooks. SourceLink also lets users attach electronic "sticky notes" directly to 25 different record types in QuickBooks.

Mr. Sleeter is the founder of The Sleeter Group, a national provider of expert-level QuickBooks seminars for accountants. He is the author of several books including McGraw Hill's college textbook series, "Introduction to QuickBooks Pro." For more information, call 888-484-5484 or visit