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SourceLink 4.1 Standard Edition by Personable Inc.

SourceLink is the full featured QuickBooks document management solution, with highest ranking from end users and QB professionals. Make QuickBooks paperless and automate workflow today. Price: $189.00
Developer: Personable Inc.

Nice simple program to help you get rid of paper
Overall Rating:
This software offers a solution for those who want to maintain the images of receipts or other financial documents linked to QuickBooks records. Here's what I've noticed. I've been using it on and off for about three weeks now, so there may be other features and issues I haven't noticed yet.

Interface: the program provides a small Sourcelink Window in which users can see the names of image files or for that matter any file that they choose to link to a QuickBooks record. Up to 10 filenames can be provided per record, and to view these files you click the name of the file as displayed in the Sourcelink Window. The result is the same as launching that file from the Windows Explorer and so it will bring it up in whatever application is your handler for its file extension. There was a slight problem with viewing the Sourcelink Window, depending on your Display Adapter and Windows Appearance settings. Sourcelink Tech support was very available and responsive to my feedback and they solved the problem with an upgrade very quickly.

Advantages: the program is easy to install. The program is unobtrusive - if you don't open the Sourcelink Window you're not aware of it at all when you view records, even if files are attached to them. I understand that you can also give your QuickBooks file to someone else who doesn't have Sourcelink (like your accountant) for editing without losing all the linked information when your accountant gives you back the file.

Disadvantages: I have not had any difficulties so far.

Suggestions: It might be helpful to be able to 'dock' the Sourcelink window, or to make it a toolbar in QuickBooks. On the other hand, it may be that QuickBooks interface to add-ons won't allow this.

RP Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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